Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter on the prairie

This will, hopefully, be the first of many posts on this blog. We own a native plant and grass nursery in NW IA. We own a square section (640A)with a native prairie, native wetland, 540A of prairie and seed fields with the Little Sioux River running through our property. This past summer we built a "prairie cabin" that we rent to pheasant hunters and will try our hand at a Bed and Breakfast this coming year.
The snow is as deep as our grass is tall, everywhere you look it is totally white. Something that doesn't happen here often. We have had an unusually large amount of snow and now we are in the "deep freeze". This morning it was -16 degrees but the sun is shining and our 12 year old basset hound, Maggie, is laying in front of the glass door napping and soaking up the sun. Our "real dog", Tallie, a 2 year old yellow lab loves hunting and romping in the snow, but seeks the warmth in his kennel in our shop on days like today.
I am looking for the slightest indication of spring, which on the calendar is only a couple months aways, but from where I am sitting, it looks much farther away.
I am, however, enjoying the longer periods of daylight in the morning and evening.