Monday, February 22, 2010

My early return

Due the the unpredictable weather in Iowa, I was forced to cut my vacation short by 24 hours. I felt like a deserter, driving away from my friend's house on Saturday morning, but the forecast for 6-10 inches of snow to arrive on Saturday night and Sunday, was my motivation. I needed to be home on Monday to take care of business. As it turned out, they got only a dusting and I feel really terrible now!! I do feel good about what we accomplished, she and I have the same "saver" gene, we understand each others dilemma about parting with our stuff!! We made a small dent in the basement, but she will be able to continue now, with just that little help from me. When I arrived home on Saturday afternoon Dwight was actually outside moving some snow and icey piles around the buildings--I guess he was showing off for me because most of the days prior, he was watching TV, reading and napping. He was able to make breakfast for himself in my abscence, but as soon as I returned he relinquished that duty and resumed the reading, napping routine he has developed these past few months. I hope I will be able to return to my friend's house to help her, as the listing gets closer. It was fun just to see her and enjoy her company for a couple days. I have missed her. Until next time, think spring :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taking leave--

I am going to take a long awaited trip to a friends house in Iowa City, about 300 miles away. It would probably be much easier to stay home, BUT I am going to go for a couple days. I have finished all the laundry, baked banana bread, cookies and made a large pot of soup for Dwight to eat in my absence. I need to "teach" him to make oatmeal in the microwave so he can have breakfast while I am away. I doesn't matter if he does a good job, he only uses the oatmeal as a carrier for the brown sugar and heavy whipping cream he adds to the cereal. If he is feeling really healthy, he adds blueberries, raspberries or black raspberries to the oatmeal. I, on the other hand, eat the oatmeal for my cholesterol, with skim milk and fruit from the above selection. Dwight milked cows as a boy and got used to eating the cream on everything and, lucky for him, is not bothered by high cholesterol or being overweight-both of which have plagued me most of my adult life. I have been planing to visit my friend for several weeks, but finding a few days of good weather has been difficult, it sounds good from Thursday to Sunday so I am leaving in the morning and looking forward to my mini vacation. I am supposed to be on a work detail for my friend, who is getting her house ready to sell, but knowing all the catching up we have to do, we may just sit and drink coffee and talk on and on for hours. That is the best kind of friend to have, isn't it? We have been friends for 30 years and met under strange circumstances, but were are very close, in spite of the miles between us. It is a wonderfully sunny day today-I hope for a few more of those this week. I'll update you on
Dwight's "vacation" when I return.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Just as I'm learning the rules, it's over

Last evening I attended my oldest grandson's basketball game. The team has not had a good season, to say the least, but I have never seen a team play so hard or play so well together.
Living in rural Iowa, high school basketball means boarding a bus in the middle of winter and riding up to 2 hours to play ball, give it all you have, board the bus and ride 2 hours home, many times not arriving home until nearly midnight, cold, tired and hungry! This happens 2, sometimes 3 times a week for several months. If your team is good, this continues until the state tournaments in Des Moines in March. The players are not the only hero's in this story. My daughter also drives 2 hours to see her son play, takes food, water, gator aid and is of course, a huge supporter of the entire team-always giving a hand at a missed basket or "good job" to a foul. I have learned a lot from watching the fans and I have even learned some rules or "calls". Last night was most likely my last game until some of my younger grand kids take up the sport and I must say, I am sorry I did not get more involved earlier. I am told the coaches are important to the team but from where I sit, they would be nothing without mothers.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Largest snowflakes I have seen

As I look our the window I am seeing the biggest, most beautiful snowflakes of the season dancing to the ground. If I were a child, I would run out and try and catch them on my tongue. Someone (my husband) says "big flakes, small snow". There are a lot of people out there that hope that is true. Many of my family and friends are running out of room to put the snow and are hiring payloaders and skid loaders to haul the snow away. We are lucky, we have a large yard with lots of room for more snow, although it is not that welcome!
The landscape is totally white with no place for wildlife to hide. We have seen more coyotes "close up" than in other years. The lack of rabbit and small game has us worried about their welfare but they are probably nestled in some brambles, safe and warm in our grove or the tall grasses in the field.