Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 21 and the osprey is still here

This early and delightful spring has made working outside a must! We have an unusually large amount of seeding done for this early in the year. We spent last Saturday at an Earth Day celebration, but the weather was beautiful so most people must have stayed home and worked in the yard or just relaxed outside. Attendance was very poor. :(
As of this morning, day 21, the osprey is still on the nest. Last week, Dwight observed him carrying a stick and rearranging his nest. I am not sure what to expect, but every day that he stays around, we are encouraged that at some point, maybe next year, he will bring a mate and raise a family on one of our towers.
Yesterday evening when Dwight was running his dog, he saw two Black crowned night herons.
The first we have seen this season. They are annual visitors to our wetland. I don't know if you notice, but the birds are very loud in the early mornings these days. I am awakened by their songs about 5:30 daily. I guess that's what it means to "get up with the birds!"
The pasque flowers have finished their bloom and the prairie smoke, sometimes called "old man's whiskers", is in full bud and about to bloom. The marsh marigolds are blooming and have been for at least a week--this is about 3-4 weeks earlier than normal --for here.
Enjoy this gift of spring, it's a great one! until next time, Bev


  1. Is it me, or are the spring flowers extra beautiful this spring?

  2. I hope he stays and finds a mate Bev!