Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy Spring

Wow, where does the time go. It has been a while since I have had time to write on my blog. Our two oldest grandchildren graduated from high school the past 2 weeks and our business has kept us very busy--that is a good thing! The greenhouses are loaded with plants, the prairie is blooming in yellow and purple and the grass is growing--on the prairie and in the house yard!
We spotted an eagle on the osprey nest a couple weeks ago and thought the osprey was gone for the season--but today his is BACK!! I certainly do not know what that means for the future but at least he has returned, if only for a few days. We know he has not forgotten us.
It seems as though summer has arrived, so we bought an air conditioner for the cabin, much to
Dwight's dismay. He thinks summer is ruined by air conditioning, he loves HOT and HUMID :(
There are usually only a couple days of the year he considers "summer". Anyway, our guests will be comfortable, and that is what is important.
Some of our children used the canoe yesterday to paddle the Little Sioux River, they were scraping the bottom in many places and our canoe is a very wide bottom. It seems nearly impossible with all the snow we had, that the river should be so low this early in the season--usually the 4th of July is getting "iffy" for canoes and by August last year the river was just a small stream. We are very dry and need a good rain, maybe this weekend, it is usually rainy on Memorial Day. I will try to do better with the blogging. Enjoy your holiday weekend. Bev

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

June in April, April in May !!??

We got very spoiled with the "Junelike" weather of April, now that it has turned cold and rainy in May, we are not liking it. Most farmers in our area planted corn the middle of April, (will we never learn,) on Sunday night we received a frost that turned the corn that was "up", black.
It did not kill it, but it has to start over--luckily most of the beans have not emerged, they should be fine. A frost would kill the beans!!
Yesterday we had a bald eagle eating breakfast on one of our towers and we saw a bobolink scout on Thursday. The weather has been too cold and wet for us to be out and about on our Rangers in the pasture, it sounds like the weekend will be warmer. A welcome change. We are anxious to get out and explore what is blooming, see the wildlife and grass nesting birds. We started the season with being ahead of schedule for seeding, but haven't been able to work for several days now. We have two grandchildren graduating this weekend so it is just as well it is too wet to work, no disappointed customers or family that way!! Keeping everyone happy is a difficult task :)
I have been lax about blogging the last couple weeks, but will try and do better from now on.