Thursday, June 17, 2010

Much needed rain-

After a long dry spell, we have received some much needed rain. The flowers in the prairie are starting to bloom and in a week it should be "drop dead" gorgeous!! We have a meadow that is full of pale purple cone flowers and butterfly milkweed--a beautiful combination, as well as other plantings that have been blooming for a while, and will continue until a hard frost. The rain should help keep the flowers blooming for a while. Last year there was no rain and the blooms faded quickly. Thanks to the rain, we were able to attend the wedding of our "intern" from last year, in WI. A rainy drive, but at least we were not thinking of all the work we could have been doing at home if it were a bright sunny day. The wedding was lovely and the weather was nearly perfect, not too hot, so everyone stayed cool. Menominee is a lovely town on a large river with many old and unique buildings in the downtown area. A typical college town atmosphere. We had to leave early Sunday morning to get home and celebrate one of our granddaughter's birthday on Sunday afternoon. This trip was easy for us, thanks to "Bing" directions, we did not get lost once and navigated Mpls/St. Paul without a problem. For us, printed directions, both ways-- are as important as a credit card--don't leave home without them :)) Looks like more rain is on the way--wish we could save some for a couple weeks.
More later-Bev

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